In this Instructable, I will be showing you how to run GameBoy Advance games on your PC. We will cover where to get the emulator, and the roms. That is my very first Instructable, so please feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

Step 1: The Way to Have the Emulator

Within this measure, I’ll talk about where to get the emulator. In a succinct overview, an emulator is the app that runs on the roms you’ll download later. The place I received my emulator out of is first, go to then press the”download” link. Then, scroll down and pick the model you want.

H2>Step 2: Where to Find the ROMs

Within this measure, I’ll discuss where to get the ROMs. In a brief summary, the ROM is that the document that the emulator uses to run the game. DOWNLOAD ANTIVIRUS 7 TO PROTECT YOUR PC” THIS IS A HOAX. DO NOT DOWNLOAD “ANTIVIRUS 7″. Just search any match you desire! (i.e.”Mega Man X.gba) don’t type the quotations, and be sure you type in”. gba”. In addition, there’ll be gray words beneath the match name which states the system the games run link gba roms website Make certain it says Gameboy Advance gba. Otherwise it will not do the job.

Measure 3: Well…

Well. . That is for me… be sure to leave suggestions and comments, as this is my very first Instructable! Superior LUCK!

I forgot to place this measure on…
To conduct the ROMs
1. When you install VisualBoy Advance, open it.
2. Click on File>Open
3. Find the ROM file, and click open.

You should be put! Again, sorry for not setting this measure on…


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